There is NOTHNG we cant get for your UTV, although we love the custom stuff!


-Roll Cages + Cage accssesories (Intrusion bars, bumpers, tire carrier...)

-Turbos and Tuners

-In house DYNO

-Seats and Harnesses

-Belts and Clutch Kits

-Intakes and Exhausts

-Suspension (Stock Replacements to Custom Long Travel)

​-Axles and Ball Joints

-Stereo Systems and communications (Rugged Radio Authorized dealer)

Plus MUCH MUCH more. We can get most any part and accessory in most any brand on the market! We are also your source for ATV Off-road Permits


Tires and wheels are our specialty! Then again we started out 7 years ago as a tire shop! We love tire and wheel setups and upgrades.
We stock as much as we can currently of hard pack tires and bead lock wheels! We also stock paddle tires with 10" wide wheels for maximum sand traction! If we don't have it in stock, generally its a 1-2 day out order in! We all know we want out SXS parts NOW!
Beadlock and non-Beadlock wheels of nearly EVERY BRAND
Hard Pack, OEM and UTV design tires in nearly EVERY BRAND
We also stock or can order wheel spacers, hub bearings, lug nuts, valve stems/caps and more! We mount and balance our own wheel and tire setups right here in Redmond!
We would be honored to be trusted with your custom UTV build. Drop of your 100% stock sxs and pick it up with every aftermarket/custom part installed as you see, feel, and hear the transformation! Whether it be to navigate the woods at the quickest possible speeds, be the best ranch/farm machine it can be, or 100% full custom one off build to be the ULTIMATE racing machine, WE CAN HANDLE IT. Again it is our motto, TURN IT LOOSE. Unleash the full potential of your machine!   
We install most anything we sell and stock! We will also maintain your machine so all you have to worry about is running it!
We'd be glad to change your drive belt, oil or oem parts,
Upgrading is always better! We can install your custom suspension, tuner, cage and more! Mount and balance your tires for the dunes, mud or rocks. We will get you setup. Check us out!